and his Momma cried.


Ok ok maybe there was more to it than that.  But the truth remains that I have a FIVE year old, which is SO much older than a four year old.  I think I scared him a little last Thursday when I picked him up from school and, in the middle of our conversation about something he said to Mae Mae, screamed OH MY GOODNESS BENNETT YOU ARE FIVE!!!  He said "yes I am five."

I feel like Bennett's birthday was celebrated the entire month {it was}.  We sang happy birthday in DisneyWorld, his birthday party, and on his actual birthday.  There were many desserts and {too} many presents.  I have no doubt turning five will be a strong memory of his {since he still remembers undocumented things we did when he was two...and reminds ME of them...!}.

Bennett asked for a party at home with a jumpy {just like his last two parties}, with a "boys dress as super heroes and girls dress up as princesses but let the girls know they can be super heroes too if they want" theme.  Just like Jacob's party, I planned this {and sent out evites} about six days before his actual party.  I could have been seen as crazy, having a party two days after Christmas.  However, the party was DONE when we went to the camp for New Years.  We came home and there was {is} nothing else on my big "to do" list besides normal life and work.  Totally worth the last minute, throw together, serve DiGiorno pizza and juice boxes, cookie cake, use every type of left over plastic plate and napkin {baby showers/baptisms/birthday parties/school parties/etc} nature of it.

DSC_0182 copy
DSC_0199 copy
{they are voting on whether or not they think batman is real. these were the "no" votes}
{Emory wearing her bride dress up.  It was the only thing she would let me put on her.}
DSC_0215 - Version 2
{cousin Wells was there too}

Next year I might vote for taking a couple friends to a movie. ;)

December is a crazy month for us.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and am glad a new year has started!

{family...I added more pictures to the previous post.  Just letting you know}


  1. wish i could've been there!!
    i die over those pics...
    Wells' pic looks like its out of a magazine. and i love em's nose wrinkles

  2. I feel like a broken record....Cute pictures!
    Looks like a mighty fun party, and I too, just can't believe the B man is 5!!

  3. it was a fun crazy party and i know B had fun. Wells was pretty chilly but loved having his picture taken in his hat


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