I've mentioned many times before that I have never been huge on "my diet starts Monday" or "I am going to fix 'X' about myself starting January 1"....I've always said why not start TODAY and do it NOW.

HOWEVER, that being said, I am loving New Years more and more and I get older.  Maybe it's because there are always so many "things" that seem to weigh a mom down...balance, time management, organization, cooking, chores, kids...that it's so attractive to consider a "new" start to things.  A day where you can say pish posh to all that is old, cluttered, and inefficient and decide to become that organized, put together, INTENTIONAL person you believe you could be.

INTENTIONAL is my key word here.  We have been discussing and praying a lot about being "intentional" in bible study recently, especially in reference to parenting.  It is way too easy in this day and age to be an overactive multitasker {guilty as charged}.  It leaves us in a place of doing so many things, we don't ever give our best to ANYTHING.  And this is very sad when one of those things {one of the most important things in my opinion} is your children.  And you aren't giving them your best.

Instead of making a list of all the things I am excited about starting anew this year, I figured setting an overall goal would be the most effective.  So this year, my goal is to be a more intentional








The Interior Designer role comes last in this list.  I have been feeling a huge tug on me recently, and as work slowed towards the end of the year, I decided the best of me is mother to my children.  Part of me is Interior Designer, and I love that part.  But I cannot and have not been giving my children {or husband...or home...or friends...etc etc} the best of me, because the whole of me has been broken into so many parts...pulled so many different ways, that everything I am just gets pieces of me.  I want to be INTENTIONAL with the time spent with the people that mean the most to me.

This means not messing on my iphone while I'm playing/interacting with the kids.
This means not having so much work that the only conversations Bennett and I have at any point in the afternoon consist of "Bennett be QUIET I am on the phone for WORK!" and "Bennett I am SERIOUS Momma is working!".
This means possibly still working, but much less.
This means maybe taking a break from work altogether.  I don't know.  I am praying about it.
This means intentionally planning and shopping for our meals.
This means making a menu, searching for coupons if possible, and sticking to my list at the grocery store.
This means stepping foot into the kitchen before 6:30 at night, because by then cooking is the LAST thing I want to do and if I happen to start then I will not be finished until Stephen and I are ready to go to bed anyway.
This means being better about keeping in touch with those dear friends I love so much.  I am a terrible phone person...and can look up on Friday and realize I have not called a single friend back, or made a call to any of them anyway.
This means setting aside time away from the kids to spend with Stephen and my friends.  Quality, intentional time.  Date nights + coffee dates.
This means doing something more quality than watching TV when the kids go to bed {even though this is our only "down time," and many times TV is the most quality thing we can muster ;) }.
This means keeping myself busy, with tasks and important things.  {ps. Downton Abbey/Project Runway/Bachelor/etc, blogs, Instagram.  These things are all important.  But I will set aside a time for them and not intermingle it with everything else.}
This means doing the work on the front end, so things don't pile up {clothes in my closet/turning my blog into books/making kids photo books/toy organization/picture file organization/my office/etc}.

This may sound like a lot, but to me it seems more attainable than "organize my entire house" or "cook every night" or "stop eating ___" or "only look at my phone ___ minutes a day."  Honestly, I would probably break all of those Day Two ;)

What are your New Years Resolutions?
I would love any suggestions :)


  1. I TOTALLY get this! I agree with the word intentional...we just talked about this in our Sunday school class, are you intentional with your sharing and representing Christ? Do you intentionally look for opportunities to share his love with others, pray, listen etc. I resolve to lose the last of the baby weight, yes, I hate resolutions like this too, but it is time :) I am doing the whole paleo/primal thing and NO SUGAR is hard for this momma!
    I also am putting away electronic devices when doing things with the boys and really enjoying these moments while they are here...

  2. I'm aiming to do better about getting dinner on the table. Meal plans are so against my nature, but I don't seem to be able to swing it anymore!

  3. Intentional is my word, too. Last year I chose PRESENT. I really wanted to focus on being in the moment with Reese {and everyone else}. It was so ironic that my dad got sick and being in the moment and appreciating family became ever so important. God and his timing :) This year I'm specifically focusing on being intentional with my words and my actions. I think it's really easy for me-- working mama with a demanding job-- to take my stress out on those I love the most. I am my hardest {and harshest} on my sweet husband. I'm resolving to do better. God is my eternal rock, but Lofton's my earthly one.

  4. I could have written this post word for word. You took the thoughts right out of my head. Crazy, crazy.

  5. you inspired me to be more intentional this year too- on top of my original resolution to cook more, eat balanced meals at the table with the family, and attempt to exercise.


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