These black knit jeans/pants {JEGGINGS} from American Eagle of all places...was in the mall for the first time in a very long time and a pair of mint colored cords caught my eye...the mint cords ended up being awful but on the way out I literally grabbed these without trying them on and I could wear them everyday.  And they are quite inexpensive {I got mine for less than $35!}...I won't say cheap because after the wear I've put on them they still look brand new!

This new year has brought back a devotion to one of my many loves....Cooking.  I love cooking, I love eating, I love experiencing different flavors, I love drinking wine while I cook, I love making my menus, and having a menu makes me enjoy grocery shopping so much more.  It really is a win/win all the way around. These meals off of Pinterest have helped kick start my renewed love: all tried, all true-ly delicious!
Source: food.com via Natalie on Pinterest

Gardening.  Reading about it, planning it, dreaming of it, getting outside and working on it since I didn't just give birth and/or have a newborn that keeps me in the house on two hour intervals {do you think I am going to mention that on EVERY post? looks like I am.  I am serious though. If you haven't gathered I am honestly realizing how different my life is now from the past several and I feel like a Claritin commercial, where someone pulled away the foggy glasses and I can SEE again.  Melodramatic I am not.}
Garden plan
I have this book now and I love it.  And I love this magazine.  And obviously I love wine whilst I plan my garden ;)
Task ahead
{Last year's aftermath yesterday before I weeded the FOOL out of it.  I still have a ways to go}

Having more time to spend with my babies {vs. in front of a computer}
{Emory "learned" to swing yesterday.  Jacob is my only child that likes to swing before the age of 4.  The other two were terrified.  I was so proud of Emory yesterday because she made herself sit in that swing and, cautiously, tell me how high I could push her.  We started with no movement at all to "little push" to "big push" to "big high momma!!! ree ree go BIIIIIIIG high!".  Happy heart I have ;) }

Sherwin Williams Urbane Bronze + Delta Faucet Champagne Bronze + Alabama White marble
{in a client's cabana bathroom}

That I am FINALLY getting around to putting things on our walls.  We painted almost the entire interior of our house a couple YEARS ago and our walls are still bare.  Decorating takes time and patience, that is for sure!!

This shoe mould instead of the typical quarter round:
{at a client's house}

My two new pairs of kicks...this was a serious stretch for me because since I went to college oh so many years ago I just keep repurchasing the same style New Balance gray shoes, and keep each pair for WAY too long.  Boring and comfortable.  Before Disney I knew I was probably going to wear shoes of this nature every day and my latest pair of New Balances was about to fall apart.  So I brought both of these home, planning to keep one, but decided on both.  And I love both of them and their individual uses ;)

This nasty looking neon yellow DRANK: its Airborne tangerine cold-symptom-reducer fizzy pellet thing but I promise you it has kept me from getting sick.  I just have one a day when I feel cold symptoms coming, until the cold symptoms stop, and it works! And now I'm used to the taste and I don't feel like it's giving me cancer {because seriously something that looks like that has GOT to be radioactive, right?!?! right??}.

And last but not least, this AMAZING, LIFE CHANGING book {at least is has been for me}.  It has met me exactly where I am right now with life, the kids, my focus, my "intentions," my personal walk with the Lord, everything.  Just as with any subjective piece of literature, there are some difficult sections that I just get the general message of and apply my own interpretation {aka BALANCE} to it, but overall this book is amazing and a wonderful bible study book.  My entire book is underlined and highlighted and it makes me very happy when I read it.

And a random PS to those who have asked recently : what ever happened to your master bedroom renovation you said you were going to do really fast and show pictures of but you never did?
yea, I kinda started and didn't come close to finishing, so it sits in a very pathetic, sad state of disarray. 
And that's OK with me for now....probably because I have kitchen on the brain.  I promise when I do finish it, I will show it! :)


  1. i like that whole american eagle ensemble. did i just say that? who knew.
    <3 baybees <3
    <3 your new tennis shoes <3
    <3 your future new kichen <3
    <3 that alternative to shoe moulding ... tell me more!!!

  2. Love this post! Let's plan a park date soon!!

  3. love the looks of those merrill shoes! and all your food pics look quite delicious! congrats on the playroom progress; looks good; as does the clients cabana project.
    and then there are the baybees!! ahhhhhhhh! XOXOxoxoxo

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