What a strange long month...temperatures in the seventies one day, tornadic winds the next, then back down to the 30's and bright sun on the next.  Crazy weather, but great days and time with my babies.

A few updates on each and then some pictures

Bennett: I fall more and more in love with that little man every day.  His heart is so big and he is good and caring and selfless way deep down to his soul.  I know he was just born that way because I know from where I'm standing that a heart like that cannot be taught.  He shares well and cares {sometimes too much} and is sensitive.  He loves legos and superheroes and wrestling.  It is probably due to his age but Bennett is now very clear on what is a "baby" thing or a "girly" thing and likes to stick strictly to "boy" things {like legos and superheroes and the like}.  He loves the iPad and we are really having to control his use of it.  He loves to eat things he likes but has no wish to eat anything outside his comfort zone...therefore he tends to go to bed hungry too often for my liking.  He loves being with us - just in the same room with us - and I love discussing things with him and learning so much because of his simplicity in seeing things in that beautiful childish light. Oh you know I could go on and on ;)

"Momma there is a flying piece of mulch outside"
indeed there was...and a VERY strong and LONG string of spiderweb holding it up!!
{a rare moment of weakness...when he actually ate a bit of SALAD}

Emory: spunky little lady.  Becoming much easier to reason with but responds to near everything with a loud whiney cry/groan.  We are doing ALL we can to nip that in the bud.  She is talking more and more and loves her complete sentences just as Bennett did at her age.  Nothing is ever a one word answer...everything she says has a subject and a verb and she makes sure she repeats it until we acknowledge we heard it with a vocal response.  She insists on doing EVERYTHING on her own...from changing her own diaper to climbing into and fastening her own seatbelt {Bennett could barely do this at age four} to playing the same games her brother plays on the iPad to dressing and undressing herself to putting her own milk in the microwave, pushing the buttons, removing it, and putting the top back on.  E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.  She loves her babies {Minnie Mouse, Molly, and seahorse in particular} and loves playing in the dirt.  She takes a great afternoon nap {1:15-4:30 or 5pm} and is still my little baby.  I count my blessings every day that she is ours.

Jacob: shall I refer you to here.  That about sums it up!!! ;) But he is walking a bit here and there and eating everything we put in front of him {except spaghettios and carrots}.  He drinks probably no less than 50 gallons of water a day PLUS 2-3 sippy cups of milk.  It blows my mind.  He is happy and BOISTEROUS and likes to laugh and loves to be held.  I have no doubt he and Emory will be wearing the same size clothing this summer.  They already wear the same size diaper {and have been for over six months}.  He kicks his legs when he is happy and calls Stephen and I by name {dada and mama}.  Everything else is "nana" or some other string of consonants.  Not talking as much as Emory was but talking way more than Bennett at this age!  Imitates almost anything I ask him to, and loves balls.  Takes the exact same nap as Emory does every day and I love that.  And I love HIM!
DSC_0020 - Version 2


  1. This is probably my favorite post in,,,well, I don't know,,,a looonnnngggg time! Could it be the pics of those precious little ones (and a bonus for me--that big one, too)!!! Just throw a photo of you in there, and we've got the whole package! We are blessed! :-) LOOOOVVVEEE this and love ya'll, La

  2. sweet sweet post. I love it!!! Such a wonderful family!

  3. I have been reading your blog for a long time, and just loved how excited you were with your surprise 3rd... For some reason it just made me think this is a girl who has mastered joy, if that makes any sense! Anyway, as a lover of photography, the pic of your hubs and all three of the babies might just be the sweetest thing I've ever seen!

  4. Loved that first picture of Bennett! Personality pics of Miss Emory :) and Happy Jacob pics, with happy Daddy in the background. There's alotta love in this household!

  5. This is my most favorite post since the last one. Since they all become my favorites. also, Stephen's expression in that picture of jacob standing up just melts my heart!!! I LOVE YALL SO MUCH!!

  6. this is how behind i am on commenting on blogs- i know- very far back. love these babies. so many funny expressions!


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