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Before we go any further, let me say these little birdies have stolen my heart.  Who would have thought.  And everyone who told me they were super easy and basically took care of themselves...they were RIGHT.  I can't believe we have week old chicks outside and really they just...take care of themselves!

Here is where they live
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In our shed...that used to be a junky scary dirty dingy...SHED.  After many MANY man/woman hours the shed was cleaned, de-grimed, and inside a coop was built.  A couple holes were cut in the side and the run was built off one end.  There is a door that opens to the main yard side as well as a door that opens to my garden, located beyond the shed.  Our backyard was just re-sodded too so EVERYTHING back here seems new, even to us!


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And now for some chickentroductions:
{the colored marks on their heads and bellies were for identification when our chicks were shipped...we ordered them with some friends from Murray McMurray Hatchery.  I always thought I wanted some silkies, but when ordering from this hatchery you had to order FIFTEEN silkies to get just one.  SO we ordered all "regular" sized chickens instead.}

buff rock
she was the first chicken named and specifically requested by Emory: "I want a yellow chick.  I want to name her Butterscotch."  Still have no idea how she came up with the name or especially how she managed to get it spot-on in the relevance department.
Butterscotch is fluffy and cute and everything you would think a pretty yellow chick would be.

black star
one of our two "heavy layers" ;)
kind of a loner...seems skinnier than the other chicks but I think she is one of the youngest {by a few days...but these chicks grow FAST!}
Stephen named her {go figure}

rhode island red
another "heavy layer," named by moi
she is not as fluffy/round as the other chicks, kind of in the same category as Kelvin 

"easter eggers" - they lay green/blue eggs
Bennett named these two - Flora after "Florida - but you can't name a chicken Florida, so just Flora", and Neeya after "a girl on Lego Ninjago" {even though her name is spelled differently - Bennett sounded our "Neeya's" name out himself and told me how to spell it :)}
these two are super friendly and held a LOT.  Flora has really pretty eye markings and Neeya is a really big, round, brown chick! :)

"easter egger" - lays green/blue eggs
Jacob named her.  I literally asked him what he wanted to name a chicken and this is what he said.  And now he calls her name every time he goes out there - except I'm pretty sure all the "chick-chick"'s are named Mot-moo to him! 
Mot-moo has a stripe on her head and is also very friendly and held a lot

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barred rocks {those black and white speckled chickens with red combs}
Emory named these two lovelies {again, no idea where she comes up with these names but they are great}
The only difference is that Pepper has a black mark on her beak and Pickle is always somewhere other that in front of the camera {I have way more pictures of Pepper vs Pickle}.  
They are always together but Pepper seems less scared of us or Pickle just doesn't care...maybe both!

more chic-pics!
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  1. There's so much more I want to know! Like, what do you feed them? How often? How do you clean out the coop? When will they start laying? How many eggs will they lay? What if you go out of town? Tell us everything!!!

  2. Amazing! That pic of Emory near bottom is priceless

  3. i commented on this post from my phone and just noticed it never went through? anywho
    cant wait to meet the chickadees. they are so cute and the names are awesome.

  4. I am with Family Snodgrass!!! More info please!! I showed this to Taylor and she immediately insisted we have Daddy build a "chick home"

  5. Aren't they fun!!!! Jack said "those look like Voncille's babies!" Your coop is awesome!

  6. Great portraits; they are so cute and your coop could win design awards!

  7. Love the finished product...so much fun watching the chicks grow.


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