I know I need not feel guilty for my personal feelings on this subject, but in the new-age world of "Pinterest parenting" I can't help but feel I should be a little forlorn at the thought of my kids rushing off to school, leaving me with no crafting partners or cooking buddies or days left to check things off our impeccably crafty list of summer "to-do"'s.  

Sorry to disappoint, but 

School started!!!

Yes, there were tears and heart ache as I ushered my eldest into his new life of full-day-big-kid school {Kindergarten}.  

But there were also tears of absolute JOY at all that was waiting for him behind those friendly doors.  
Dropping him off in the exact same carpool line I remember waiting by for my own mom almost thirty years ago...wearing a miniature version of the same navy and white houndstooth uniform I sported for twelve years of my school age life...and the day he sings in Big Church on those red carpeted steps...help me LORD I will be a wreck.  I could cry right now just at the thought.
DSC_0134 copy
But he is so HAPPY - so READY to do this.  And that alone is enough for me to tolerate the hours upon hours he is away.  Because honestly, he is the easy one.  I could handle him all day every day and be fine with him never leaving to go to school.  I could visit with him, play with him, cook dinner, do household chores, work, all the above and he never step foot out of this house.    

The other two, God love them. {and bless their little hearts - as we Southerners love to say}.  
Individually they are angelic, loving, reasonable, hilarious, endearing little blessings from above.
DSC_0006 copy
Put them together and they are thieving, punching, fussing, screaming, exhausting, devilish little.. 
blessings from above.

So, I am excited about their three little morning outings each week.  
I am excited to drive in my car.  
And meander through Target.  
And work out.
And yoga.
And start up work again {for the first time I had to call all my clients and say "I cannot work anymore until the kids are back in school." No childcare = No work!.  Makes me extremely thankful I have the type of job that affords this type of reality check! Whew!}.
And get back to weekly bible study.
And go out to lunch somewhere other than Moe's, Zoe's, or Chick-Fil-A.

And b r e a t h e.

So while the Pinterest world may be encouraging me to take daily pictures of my children's amazingly creative lunches I prepared three weeks in advance {and froze into easily-reheatable individual-serving-sized portions}, I will continue to barely make it out the door dressed every morning...and I might sit in my car, in the parking lot, for a good ten minutes before driving away...just dazed over...lost in my own LACK of thoughts...sipping my extra large to-go cup of joe.

And honestly feel like I conquered my world.

For now


  1. love it. those pinterest moms need to just chill. as do the non-moms of pinterest that drive ME insane. love the pics of bennett--he looks SO MUCH like his daddy it is insane to me. and those other two...well they are precious sweet little mess of chaos and we love them for it <3
    love ya

  2. I really loved this post! I work full time so mine are at daycare but I feel the exact same way! Thanks for making me not feel so bad about the fact that my kids eat school lunch and we do not have craft time when I am with them!Yours are so cute. I feel like my second is going to follow in the chaos stage like yours. My first is similar to Bennett!

  3. LOVE this! Very well said....and so true! They are precious...all of them....MOST of the time! :-) Life in the real world==NOT the perfect Pinterest one! :-)
    Love ya'll ALL, La

  4. Could not agree with you more! Pinterest just makes me feel like I can't measure up to those "perfect" Mommies! I'm enjoying every moment of Harrison being in Kindergarten and remembering how easy life is with just one baby at home ;)

  5. Love. This. Post. So well said. Back to school is a great thing; so refreshing for everyone! Love you and your precious family!

  6. Ahhh... such a great post that so many of us can relate to! xoxo.

  7. they are just too cute for words!!!!!!


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