I love cooking.
{I also love eating}.

I love the smell of fresh ingredients {especially from a garden or local produce stand/shop}, the sound of a knife on a chopping board, the feel of cold marble countertops {had to throw that in there}, and the taste of wine whilst I do it all {duh}.

I love planning a weekly menu when I can {which is maybe every other week if I have to be honest}, and planning out a grocery store run {coupons in tow and weekly specials researched, by myself preferably}.  While most of the meals I cook aren't really kid-in-the-kitchen-friendly, I try my best to include them in all the "measure and pour into a mixer" type endeavors.  They are still young, and there is only so much you can sanely do with kids their age in the kitchen, but I hope to gradually instill in them a love of good food and the process it takes to create it, as well as the skills to actually gather ingredients and create a meal themselves one day.
Bennett has been my helper for years, and I'm more than thrilled to have recently added this eager, sassy chef into the mix.
DSC_0060 copy - Version 2


  1. OK...I am so thrilled that she loves to help. Before long, she will be totally in charge! AND...I find it hysterical that she doesn't have her jammie bottoms on, but she DOES have her bow perfectly placed! :-) Love her and ya'll! La

  2. The best part of being the helper...licking the beaters. :-)

  3. And, another little chef blossoms! So excited!

  4. This post just made me really hungry and I'm still full from a big dinner. And did I mention I AM OBSESSED with your kitchen!!!!!!


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