We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming to bring you ... something pointless and very un-deep.  

Some days this blog is for my writings about the kids {whom I love and adore}, and other days it is not.

Some days I will write about something else, something unemotional and frivolous...because sometimes putting my deepest mommy-ing thoughts into words would benefit no one and most likely serve as blackmail material. :) 

So, for today I present you with a Fall wish list.
For while the thermometers may not reflect the cool crisp temperatures of Fall, and while the bright green leaves are holding on for dear life, I have decided that if I wear enough long sleeved shirts, jeans, watch enough football and drink enough pumpkin spice latte's ... I might just be able to WILL Fall's arrival.

This list should help, no?

shirt - i love love love this and sadly, in the process of making this list, this shirt has sold out.  waiting on a re-stock!! also love this one...i could do two :)
necklace - in desperate need of a long gold necklace.  love the understated edginess of this one.
scarf - every good huntin' and fishin' southern girl needs some camo
book paintings - yea right on the affordability of these BUT they would look great hanging in my kitchen.
lamp - using these in a clients master bedroom and decided they would look great in mine :)
skillet - just need an iron skillet
yoga gym bag - been in the market for a bag similar to this that serves double duty - can cary a yoga mat when i do yoga but just work as a gym bag when i don't.  this is the best i've found, but always looking! wish jcrack still made theirs!!
camera - i need a new camera don't i? ha! i love my big one but would love to have one for every-day purposes. the iphone is great and all but this camera is AWESOME.  my parents have the older version and the pictures are unreal quality for such a compact camera.
grasscloth - i really need {um, want?} to paper my back entry 


  1. yes do the grasscloth
    you will love it and you definitely need it. as much as one can need a lovely wallcovering

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