If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed a ridiculous amount of sad sappy pictures with the hashtag #lazybonesneverforget a couple weeks ago.  Well, here is my opportunity to explain.  This explanation will be brief, as the main point of this post is to cover my middle child's third birthday, and I DO plan on writing a more in-depth ode to Lazy Bones soon.

When I was around eight year old, my parents bought a lot on a five mile long spit of land called Ono Island in Orange Beach, AL.  They immediately took to building a house, that they named Lazy Bones {all good beach houses are named, of course}.  This was the place we spent every summer, every spring break, and most every other weekend in between.  It was the first place I lived by myself, where I worked my first job, did my college internship, and found God as he displays himself in the grandeur of nature.

It was the backdrop of my most cherished childhood memories and a refuge for my soul as an adult.
It will be missed greatly!

On to happier {and sassier} things!! :)
Emory's birthday fell on a Saturday this year, and I originally had a "painting/art party" planned for her, with no invites sent out yet.  When the beach house sold, we realized that last weekend in September was the only weekend we could all be at the beach together as a family.  So we made it happen and Emory's birthday turned into a family birthday bash at the beach.  She was most excited that, "for her birthday," my sister Rachel and her husband Hollis were coming in town from Texas.  She said it every day for three weeks.  This is probably the last year I could have gotten by without a "legit" birthday party. :)

The weekend of course was chaotic, with Stephen showing his face quickly and only a couple of times since he was on call and spent most of his time back in town for work.  Not to mention my mother had a total knee surgery the Tuesday prior so she was chair-ridden and in and out of pain. {But still an ever-smiling sweet presence as usual! :)}

But the show must go on and Miss Em did not disappoint.  She woke up Saturday morning, her birthday, all piss and vinegar {pardon my french}.  It was a day like I have not seen in months.  Tears and tantrums and spankings and time outs and warnings and EMOTIONS.  

But we blew out birthday pancake candles, 

spread the opening of the presents out ALL. DAY. LONG.
baked a cake together, 

talked to her working Daddy on the phone

decorated her cake, then nearly threw said cake up as soon as it touched our lips.

I usually stick to one of our family favorite homemade cakes for celebrations - the beloved carrot cake with cream cheese icing, italian cream cake, german chocolate cake, coca cola cake, or the ever good store bought cookie cake and boxed yellow cake with chocolate icing.  MMMMMMM

But Emory's birthday wish {besides "Ariel's hair"} was for a "cake with lots of colors on the inside and pink on the top.  And candles."  "Funfetti!" I thought. "With pink sprinkles in the shape of a "3" on top!" 

She asked, and I delivered.  {if "delivering" meant throwing the package at the front door then backing up over it in my big delivery van when I left...}

When I say the cake was disgusting, you can take my word on it.  I sort of want to link up to the recipe I found on Pinterest and point/shake a condemning finger....but I will rise above it and just say do NOT cook the most-pinned cake picture for "funfetti recipe" on Pinterest for your next family gathering.  Stick to the box! 

And always, ALWAYS, when in doubt, do cream cheese icing.


My house is now full of princess garb and barbies and magnetic paper dolls and purple monkeys.  I couldn't be happier and I feel like my little girl is coming into her own.  Let's just say her third birthday DAY might be marked with tantrums and tears, but her overall attitude since has been much more mature, and sweet natured, and mommy-ing.  She calls her little brother "little buddy" and "sweet boy" and includes him in all of her adventures.  She responds much better to threat of punishment {instead of just giving me the "eye" and defiantly turning her cheek to almost welcome actual punishment}, she is easier to reason with, and she is still the MOST snuggly of my three.  

As my sisters and I have often said about our own personalities, she is a box of contradictions.  In her case, it makes her oh so endearing, alluring, a bit trying, and just so much FUN.
Happy Birthday silly girl! I am so excited about all of our adventures to come.  


  1. love at all. and miss my little em dearly since. so glad i got to spend some time with her and the rest of the kiddos while also saying bye to the beach. love yall!

  2. This just makes me smile....that HAIR!!! OH my goodness! :-) Love ya'll, La

  3. Em looks so proud of her mermaid outfit. She is too cute.

  4. Ahhhh, was I there?! Whew, what a weekend. All of the Miss Em pictures bring a smile. Love that girl of ours!


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