While Buffalo Check may actually originate as a tartan from the MacGregor clan of Scotland, 

its use as we know it today actually gained popularity thanks to the 1916 debut of the legendary and mythological character Paul Bunyan and his famous red and black shirt.

Today, buffalo check is much more than just a red-and-black-blocked plaid shirt - and has somehow engrained itself into every aspect of fashion and decor.

It's classic, preppy, graphic, familiar, and something about it is just cozy.  I love that a graphic so familiar and so used still manages to look fresh and new when used in an interesting color on the back of a chair, as a soft neutral in a bedroom, in classic black and white wherever, or just in a simple wool blanket over the arm of a sofa.  

I recently added this beauty {which you could argue is gingham, not buffalo check - but that is a distinction I really don't wish to dive into for the sake of this post :) } to my closet and am ready for the weather to stop teasing us and just go ahead and be fall already so I can {comfortably} wear it! 

And now some more buffalo check {or maybe sometimes gingham} for your viewing pleasure!

Love my sweet and stylish friend Tessa's use of buffalo check in her gorgeous Master Bedroom. {Interior Design by Holly Mathis Interiors}:

And here again in her son Charlie's room:

And lastly, with the temps dipping slightly lower than seventy degrees the past few weeks, I would love to curl up in this chair, with that blanket, sipping whatever is in that cup, by that fire - good book in hand of course. Mmmmmmm

Buffalo Check:
what do you think? On your way to recover the backs of your dining chairs or let Paul Bunyan be Paul Bunyan and give the guy his shirt back?


  1. i am obsessed with buffalo check too! love this post

  2. Love BC! Is that button down J Crew? I need it!

  3. Buffalo check is my very fabric! Actually have a chair being recovered in it right now!!!

  4. LOVE. And it's no surprise that I love that last image because I've been a big fan of black and white these days. Wanting to implement more of it into my house.

  5. Oh, I'm a fan! It was fun to "find" the buffalo check in each pic, sometimes more obvious than others. Loved the the turned up cuff with the black and white check, many of the furniture applications, and of course the baby model


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