It's that time of year again - a time to give and a time to receive.  Personally, I really do love the giving part.  I start shopping in June and stash presents all over my house so that, by the time December rolls around and everyone else is spending their time shopping, I am spending my time trying to remember where I hid everything. ;)

I do have to be honest here and admit that, while there was a period of about five to seven years during which I didn't "want" for anything more than a letter opener {boring but true}, these days I somehow have no problem coming up with an ever abundant list of stuff I just have to have.  Thank you Pinterest and social media.  I feel so CONSUMER.  Nevertheless, here is a list of things I have my eye{s} on this season:

And, I FINALLY took pictures of the kitchen {after seven months!!} so look for a "reveal" post coming soon :)

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