One of the honest things about having multiple children born during the holidays is that at any given point you look up and one of them is having a birthday.  And it doesn't matter how much you plan in advance, it guarantees to be hectic.

We flew in from NYC the day before Jacob's second birthday.  The only day that would work to have a birthday party for him was the day of his actual birthday, so busy city was my home.  Why was it so important that my two year old have a birthday extravaganza you ask? Good question.  Well, reality ruled last year when he was the first child of ours to basically not have a first birthday party {#thirdchildproblems}, and when we last minute went to the beach this year for a "Lazy Bones goodbye" over Emory's third birthday weekend, canceling all plans for a party for her, I just couldn't' NOT do another birthday party.
{I have to admit, that was a confusing sentence even for me! I pray you got my point ;) }

Sadly Stephen had an extremely late day with work and couldn't make it to our mid-week, 3:30pm birthday party.  Weekends in December are so full with hunting season, holidays, and travel that we had to take advantage of the only time slot we had, and keep it to daylight hours!

In all honesty, though, Jacob's party was one of the most stress-free birthday endeavors to date thanks to early planning and help from family {thanks Mom!}.

As with any party, especially young childrens, the guest list is something that scares me because I know all too well that a "small" simple celebration can turn into the party of the century in a blink of an eye.  Seeing as my children have a history {at the young toddler age} of being overwhelmed when millions of unfamiliar faces are swarming them, I decided to keep the guest list to ONLY those faces Mr. Jacob knew best.  Family and his best little friends.

It just so happens that some of his favorite friends are years older than him.  Again, #thirdchildproblems :).  Thankfully they all included him in their playing and are yet to discover that they are "too cool."

Jacob is obsessed with tractors and all things construction-vehicle related, but since we have built in farm entertainment {chickens!} we kept with a tractor/farm theme.
IMG_3858 c

Kids took turns on my parent's power wheels John Deer gator they usually keep at the Camp.

Jacob's present from us was a Little Tykes jump house, since we have backyard birthday parties and a rented jumpy is always involved.  The kids went crazy in it and it was so easy to set up and break down.

It was a short and sweet party surrounded by sweet friends and precious kiddos.
Bennett even managed to have a little cake date. ;)

I know its cliche but I CANNOT believe my BABY is two.  I fully understand he is the last of my personal toddler experiences.  God willing I will have plenty of future nieces and nephews and almost-family babies to nearly call my own, but for me, for my own self, Jacob is the last I get of it at home.  I cherish {OK and maybe coddle} him and every second with him.  He is funny and boisterous and sneaky and stubborn and cuddly and rough and the toughest little cry baby you know.  His baby skin is still soft as BUTTAH and he still presses his cheek to mine for comfort.  The holiday break has made him even more attached/dependent on his mommy and I haven't been as serious about trying to change that as I have in the past with the older two.  Seriously, babies of the family really do get away with ANYTHING!  I need to start working on that ;)

Love you Jaco-moley! You are a light in our lives and are in every beat of my heart.



  1. Awwww....sniff, sniff, snifffffff! Isn't he just PRECIOUS!?! Love that Jacob! :-) And Y'ALL! La

  2. that last picture is great of you two!

  3. It was a great theme for a birthday party; love you, Jacob!


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