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I enjoy writing about many things, but a family member or two mention they really read for kid pics...so since I am not on Facebook and am hit or miss on Instagram, here is an embarrassingly small sample of kids pics from 2014 to maybe satisfy some cravings :).  I really need to get on my camera more often ;/

waiting at Jacob's two year checkup

at the camp, on their "sitting stump"
Bennett's "other brother" ;) We love our Wells!

Grandparent's Day at school {we went too}
Emory's first real valentine - from Daddy.  I told him if he brings her something every Valentine's Day I need NOTHING - her face {and the surprise that I did not know he was doing this} was better than any gift I could have ever received.

Oblivious Emory playing before her eye surgery in February...I probably should post on that...

Bennett goes to store with Daddy and they come home with illegal cereal {exceeds my maximum allowed sugar per serving requirements...}.  He was very excited and obviously would not sit still!

smiley selfies with this one and a book that has barely made it through three kids...

more smiley selfies with this bundle of JOY

rodeo...Stephen is a serious cowboy

"Shhhh mommy I seeping on da rug wif my cuhvahs"

blurry but precious boy after MDO {and a haircut - his hair is STRAIGHT!!}

I asked her to open her eyes some when she smiled :) Her eyes are STRAIGHT! {and her hair is CURLY}


  1. i love all their different hair textures. jacob's definitely being the funniest. he's like dennis the menace with that head of hair.
    and emory is your spitting image in that last picture. but yet somehow stephen's spitting image too.

  2. This is what I'm talkin' about! :-) Love ya'll, La

  3. When was the last of Miss E taken? So the surgery was successful?


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