RECIPE :: Crabmeat Pasta Salad

This is a tried and true family summer favorite.  I would gladly eat it year round, and do randomly have cravings mid-winter, but it was a staple growing up in the summer at our house.  Friends would come over late night after "driving around" in high school {remember? "going out"?? ha}, knowing my mom always had this in the fridge.  Even those a little squeamish of "seafood" still loved this pasta salad.  And it is so easy to make!


Crabmeat Pasta Salad

1 package of bowtie pasta, cooked according to package directions and drained
1 lb imitation crab meat, in chunks, cut into bite sized pieces if desired
REAL mayonaise {I do NOT like mayo, this is one of my few exceptions...this and chicken salad and on scrambled egg sandwiches :)}
dried or fresh dill
chopped green onions {white and green parts}

combine all ingredients, amounts to your liking.  Add mayo, stir to combine, and see if you need more.  I do not like a ton of mayo but members of my family would strongly disagree and keep adding more! :)


  1. NATALIE! you MUST use a 2:1 ration of crab to pasta for the best result.

    1. Hahaha as much as I love crab meat thats just a little much! haha


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