Sweet Summertime

Dear Summer,

I love you, I really do.

However I usually long for fall and cooler temperatures as you insult us during these long hot southern summer months.

 This year however, I am singing a different tune.

Where are you going?

My firstborn will be in FIRST grade in a month.


What?  No one is ready for that.

Wasn't it just early June?  How is it mid July?

A dear friend just recently mentioned that these are the longest days but shortest years of our lives.

Wow that saying has stuck.   I think I tell myself that nearly every day since she first shared it with me.

 The longest days and shortest years.

Well, Summer, your days are long but my time with you is short.

I hope this next month of you doesn't slide out from under me like the first one did.

You're treating us quite nicely and we love you for it.



  1. Now, THIS is rich! Love alllllll ya'll :-) La

  2. Great pictures. Love you guys.

  3. Loved this post! Your thoughts and photos 'capture' the spirit that is summer in the Deep South. Some happy expressions on those babes! :)

  4. Loved this post...and that sweet family pic!


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