Falling Back

Such a busy time of year!

In my {and apparently nearly every one else in the world(s)!} opinion it is also the BEST time of year.  Definitely the most exciting and anticipation-filled with approaching holidays and festive decor.  I love all seasons and the changing of them, but crisp air, fires, boots and jeans, and angled early morning sunlight definitely strikes my fancy.

I understand much of my "rush" through this time of year recently has been greatly due to my own personal season of life: producing and procuring small humans at a rapid pace.  

Life definitely doesn't get less busy, but I am finding as we creep away from those tiny infant/toddler days life definitely gets a bit less CRAZY.  Momma-quiet time is a little easier to find, children put their own shoes on to go outside, two out of three use the restroom by themselves, and I only have to open and close the back door for them some of the time.  

Baby steps.  

I am glad they are steps though and not leaps.  The ever-knocking right brained part of me is always longing for time to rediscover all those fun hobbies I use to have and love...but right now there is a small but much wiser part of me whispering that this season will pass just like summer, and before I realize it a cool breeze will be blowing and the house will be still.  

Children will be at school all day, doors will open and close on their own, and there will be time.

Someone said at bible study last week that the average person should spend thirty minutes in prayer a day.  And that same person, when really busy, should spend an hour. 

Our hours in the day remain the same, regardless of what "time" the sun sets or rises.  
We have the same amount of "stuff" to fill those hours with - all by choice mind you - and none of that will change.

We can "breathe" more, "stop and smell the roses" more, but we still have a lot of stuff to do and no extra time to do it.  I have learned that I cannot change my hours but I can change how I use them.
It is a miraculous work the Holy Spirit does in your life when you pray for intentional ordering of your time. 
Pray more, stress less.  
It's an equation that works and, for me, is working.

When I am busy and feel like I have no extra time for extra anything, I am learning to dedicate MORE time to prayer.  And I am finding I am better equipped to handle all the other stuff I have to accomplish... all before that sun sets at an extremely disrespectful time of 5pm.


  1. You are wise beyond your years. Love the post and love the pictures and I love all of you.

  2. Such true words! You and yours and OURS are such blessings to us! :-)Great pics! Love ya'll, La

  3. Great message to go with great pics! Love yall!


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