Jacob is 3 :: Argh I'm a Pirate

After Emory's birthday extravaganza Jacob had all too much to say about what he wanted HIS birthday party to be like.  He requested a Pirate party with an Auburn cake.  I kept his party much simpler, simply because my age-three-and-younger children generally do not love to be the center of attention in a huge crazy kid-filled atmosphere.  They get overwhelmed and shy away from all the noise and attention.  But turn four, and they are good to go :).

We just invited his small class at MDO and a couple other friends he knows, generally children of my close friends.  Seeing as it was a three year old's party, there wasn't much "activity" planned except running around and jumping on our little jumpy.  Oh, and of course plenty of Pirate's Booty and cake for all!

Jacob kept a pretty stern face the entire party; again, not loving all the attention on him.  But if you asked him about it later he said it was "da best party EVER".  Score!


You are such a fun little caboose! You have an infectious giggle and always say "that so funny isn't it momma?" You are completely potty trained and very sure you are a "big boy" now.  I, on the other hand...I prefer to still see you as my baby.  I am thankful you are a very small, young three year old, vs your older brother when he was three.  You still look and feel so toddler-ish and compact.  I pray you stay that way for just enough longer so I can really soak it up.  You have started to succumb to the terrible threes, with so much indecisiveness your daddy and I are about to go mad.  In the same breath you will say: "I want to eat a muffin I do NOT want to eat this muffin momma I am hungry I want to eat a muffin do NOT give me the muffin I do NOT want it."  It is insane!  I guess every child has their "thing": be it stubbornness or tantrums or what not, and this is yours.  It is complete exhaustion and you usually end up in time out or worse...but you always snap out of it and giggle yourself back into our good graces.  You are always imagining and talking to yourself.  You are obsessed with Paw Patrol and I can hear you on your rescue missions around the house saying "It's an emergency! Chase is on da case! Rubble on da double! Im fired up! Ready for a ruff ruff rescue!"  Your vocabulary is leaps and bounds beyond your brother and sister at your age and you speak very clearly.  This is very much a characteristic of being the third child I know and it makes me laugh hearing such clear detailed sentences out of such a tiny little mite.  You love watching, playing, and pretending to play sports.  You love Auburn and if you had your choice would wear Auburn clothes every single day.  You fight me when I want to put you in a john john.  I still fight you though, because I just do.  You are not too big to wear them and I will hold on as long as I can.

I love you you little bug!

{he calls me mommY ;)}

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